AutoFill system can be used in various fields such as industrial, scientific and medical on

It can be installed indoor or outdoot under suitable cover, with reduced dimensions and reduced weight, it includes a 230VAC-24VDC power supply with related protection circuit breakers.

AutoFill simplifies the process of filling pressurised dewars, a process that if performed manually, due to human errors, could lead to serious injuries to operators. Using Autofill means that an operator only has to connect the pressurised dewar pipes to the system and launch the filling cycle: if the system, thanks to various sensors does not detect any errors (e.g. pipe(s) not connected, manual dewar valve closed, etc.), starts the cycle and, as soon as it is completed, the panel alerts user by an optical-acoustic signal.

Thanks to the 7" touch display the use for the Operator is simple and intuitive: every access to use will be archived through the use of nominative badge cards, as well as every filling performed by the different Users.

The system is reliable and safe for Users, thanks to:

  • O2 enviroment level detection stops the filling cycle in in case of under-oxygenation,
  • Emergency button stops the system in case of emergency/criticality,
  • Manual emergency selectors can be used in case of system failure,
  • Integrated acoustic buzzer alarm.
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