Aware of the importance of the quality of the Operators' working environment, our engineers have integrated advanced monitoring systems into the device that continuously check the concentration of NO and NO2 in the environment to always guarantee the highest quality, comfort and safety in the workplace.

The device can manage two medicinal cylinders at the same time, having an internal pneumatic circuit that reduces the delivery pressure and selects the cylinder to be used based on the residual pressure.

Following the flow of the ventilator, the system automatically doses the mixture into the breathing line to comply with the therapy parameters indicated by the Operator.

The device can operate in automatic mode, where the supply of NO is managed through the software, and in manual mode, where the supply of NO and O2 is managed through two analog flowmeters, that can be set in a totally independent way from the digital ones, in order to ensure total continuity of drug delivery operations in all conditions.

Communication with the User is entrusted to a 10.1" screen, showing all the necessary information at all times.

The dosage of the NO mixture, alarm thresholds, alarm histories and the monitored values ​​are set via display.

penelope® also offers a download function of the event log, alarms and continuous drug dosing to the patient. This log can be downloaded via the simple USB connection located on the back of the device. The USB connection also allows you to update the device software.

The penelope device is fixed to a trolley with an appealing and ergonomic design, allowing also the transport of two cylinders of medicinal gas and one cylinder of O2.


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