geaNOx can be secured onto a specifically designed trolley with the capacity to host two cylinders of NO/N2 mixture. The cylinders can be connected to the device one at a time through a device-pressure reducer which enables geaNOx to measure the pressure inside of the cylinders and the pressure at the inlet of the device. geaNOx allows users to set a minimum cylinder pressure value, through the alarm system, users will be warned when the cylinder is almost depleted.

The device functions in manual mode, thanks to a double analogue flowmeters, the dose of NO can be easily and precisely set by the operator. A sample line placed at the proximity of the patient allows geaNOx to continually monitor the actual quantity of NO, O2 received by the patient and the eventual formation of NO2 and provide the relevant alarms, according to the set values.

Communication with the user is established via a 10.1” display screen, which continuously provides all the information required.

NO mixture dosage, alarm thresholds, alarm timelines and monitored values are entered via the display.

geaNOx also features a download option for the events log, alarms log and report of continuous dosage of the medicine to the patient. This log can be downloaded by simply connecting the USB stick placed on the back of the device. The USB connection also allows users to update the device’s software.


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