Sol Group Lab srl benefits a highly specialized Maintenance Laboratory for electromedical devices made by various manufacturers.

Our Expert Technicians are constantly updated by the manufacturers themselves who issue their approval.

In the turnover of 4'000 electromedical devices per year, we contemplate a range of about 200 different models and intended use: lung ventilators for home use, surgical aspirators, nitric oxide delivery systems, support ventilators for the removal of bronchial secretions, ventilators for the treatment of sleep apnea (CPAP), oxygen concentrators, respiratory airway humidifiers, pulse oximeters, pulse oximeters, nutritional pumps, etc.

The laboratory is ISO 13485:2016 certified, respecting a high quality standard. Medical devices treated are sanitized through a validated process to protect technical operators and patients.

Technicians carry out the electrical certification according to CEI EN 60601-1 for Class I and Class II devices. Traceability of the single device both traceability of spare parts used are guaranteed. Peridioc calibration of all the instruments used (e.g. analyzers for electrical safety, multimeters, respiratory parameters analyzers such as: flow, volume, pressure).follows a defined schedule.

Specifically, our technicians carry out the following activities:

  • preventive maintenance, as per manufacturer specific,
  • corrective maintenance,
  • functional verification and calibration.

Some of the brands handled are:

  • Inogen
  • Lowenstein Medical
  • Philips Respironics
  • NOxBOX
  • Resmed