Lox base units

Sol Group Lab benefits of a highly specialised department for maintenance and periodical ispections of cryogenic vessel for oxygen therapy (LOX Bases Unit).

In the maintenance process, our technicians carry out activities of: 

  • corrective maintenance,
  • periodic inspection according TPED and ADR in force,
  • complete functional check.

More in detail:

  • rigorous cleaning of the entire device and automatic brushing of external surfaces,
  • restoration of the high vacuum in the dewar cavity (guarantee of low natural losses),
  • flowmeter calibration,
  • research and repair of leaks in the gasification circuit,
  • check and/or replacement of safety valves,
  • complete traceability of operations carried out and spare parts used.

We handle around 13,000 units per year, in a range of different models and capacities.

Quality standards ISO9001:2015 & ISO13485:2016 certified.