CSC (Cryo Smart Control) is a Medical Device consisting of hardware and software developed and produced by SG Lab, specifically created to allow acquisition, monitoring, transmission and management of physical parameters relating to equipment and systems located in a cryobiological room.

For example: it allows to manage cryogenic tanks for liquid nitrogen storage, vacuum lines for the conveyance of liquid nitrogen, cryogenic containers for the storage of biological samples, environmental sensors placed in the field (O2, CO2, temperature, relative humidity, differential pressure), badge readers for controlled access, ventilation systems and environmental change.

By way of example, below are the components that make up the Cryobiological Rooms designed by the SOL Group and managed through the CSC (Cryo Smart Control) a HW and SW automation system certified Medical Device, which includes the following monitoring and / or control parts:

  • a tank / dispenser containing liquid nitrogen, and CMS58 cryogenic room control unit (Control Management System)
  • one or more, up to four, cryogenic lines, with relative control unit LMS58 (Line Management System),
  • environmental monitoring sensors managed by SMS58 (Sensor Management System) control units (e.g. environmental oxygen detectors, carbon dioxide detectors, environmental temperature detectors, etc.),
  • display monitors of environmental characteristics, VIS6x (Visual Management System),
  • air aspiration and ventilation systems,
  • manual cooling phase selectors of the cryogenic line,
  • emergency buttons,
  • temperature monitoring of the cryogenic line by means of temperature probes type PT100 / PT1000,
  • visual and acoustic alarm systems, ARS58 (Alarm Remote System)
  • DMS58 (Dewar Management System), for interfacing with cryocontainers of different brands) control units, which check and record the level and temperature of the liquid and / or gaseous nitrogen contained within the cryocontainers,
  • Control PC on which the specific CSV (Cryo Smart Vision) software will be installed for supervision and monitoring of cryogenic container parameters, environmental parameters control, access control, alarm monitoring,
  • 4G VPN router for remote connection,
  • AMS58 (Access Management System), an access control system inside the cryobiological rooms (or the various rooms) by setting up, RFID badge,
  • provision of volumetric sensors and "man down" devices (also known as Watch-Dog), with relative RMS58 control unit (Room Management System).

Each site can be customized according to the customer’s requests. For this purpose, SG Lab has created the innovative CSC (Cryo Smart Control), a modular medical Device system conceived for smart control of all components serving the crybiological room, included the equipment containing biological samples.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discover our innovative, safe, efficient and simple products in the operational management of a cryobank.


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