The CryoLogger device, made in Italy, represents the ideal solution for the remote (wireless mode) or local (wired mode) management and control of laboratory equipment, such as small and large cryobiological vessels (temperature and level reading), mechanical freezers and refrigerators, incubators, etc.

The control unit can have different types of application, for example: be mounted on the wall for real-time monitoring of temperatures, be mounted on the dewar (crybiological container) for real-time monitoring of temperatures and liquid nitrogen level and, as optional, to manage the self-filling of the crygenic vessel itselfs, as well as monitor in real time the temperatures and the level of liquid nitrogen.

The CryoLogger device is equipped with RS485 serial communication port, to allow interfacing with supervision systems and monitoring software.

For each monitored physical quantity, 4 visual and acoustic pre-alarm / alarm thresholds can be set.

The values ​​of the physical quantities detected by the system are acquired on the basis of the sampling time set by the user, which varies from two seconds to an hour. The control unit is able to continuously collect data for a period of up to one year.

By purchasing the optional SG Lab mobile router, the recorded data, in addition to being stored within the control unit itself, will be sent to a server and will be stored inside it, without maximum log limits, which can be consulted at any time remotely via access to the portal SOL PORTAL, with the possibility of remote data download.

In case of pre-alarm (s) and alarm (s), thanks to the SG Lab mobile router, SMS and e-mail notifications can also be sent to a user list that can be sey at any time.

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