AutoFill is a system, completely manufactured in Italy, for automatic filling of pressurized dewars.

In complete safety.

It’s the ideal solution to simplify and automate the process of filling pressurized dewars, a practice that if it performed manually, due to human errors, could lead to serious injuries to operators.

Easy management: Records and archives all filling cycles performed by each user and by individual department • Access via personal badge • Ability to bring alarm signals to external supervision systems • Manual emergency selectors that can be used in case of system failure.

Safety: the filling process starts only at soon as the system detects the safety requirements: it avoids the risk of cold burns • O2 level sensor, installed near operator’s location, locks the system in case of under oxygenated atmosphere • Can be placed in external or internal location • Emergency button for blocking the system in case of emergency / critical issues • Acoustic buzzer for alarm signaling.