The RCGSOL Neo is a telemetry panel, completed with a mobile router, that can be used in various fields: industrial, scientific and medical.

The panel can be installed indoor or outdoor, has reduced dimensions (260x305x160mm - 5.7kg) and IP65 protection, designed to withstand external weather conditions; it includes a 230VAC-24VDC power supply with related fuses and protection interruptions.

Thanks to the RCGSOL Neo it is possible to monitor and record up to 12 physical quantities of various entities: analogue/digital signals from pressure sensors, environmental sensors (e.g. O2, Temp, CO2, RH...), pressure switches, actuators, etc..

The front panel door is transparent, allowing visual access to the 4.3" colour touch-screen display. The devices traces the status of the monitoring in progress and it allows to consult all the data in real-time, including those recorded in the internal memory.