RCGSOL Neo shows 24/24h on the display the values detected by the different sensors, which values will scroll in rotation on different pages.

In addition to its normal operation, the RCGSOL Neo guarantees:

  • Pre-alarm signal: the value on the display will turn yellow and will emit an acoustic sound via the integrated buzzer;
  • Alarm signalling: the display value will be coloured red and will emit an acoustic alert via the integrated buzzer

There is also a test alarm buttons, to check LED/buzzer operation and mute alarm for temporarily acoustic alarm suspension.

The RCGSOL Neo, thanks to the integrated mobile router, allows to send SMS & e-mail when one or more monitored values are in pre-alarm and/or alarm status.

Furthermore, it can be connected to different actuators that need to be controlled in case of pre-alarm and/or alarm, such as: Customer's telephone dialer, Customer's ventilation system activation, remote alarm signalling in the Customer porter's lodge, etc..

Thanks to the web software SOL PORTAL you will have all the values read by the sensors on smartphone/PC/tablet.

The export of data recorded by RCGSOL Neo can be done in two ways, by means of:

  • USB key access directly from the RCGSOL Neo device,
  • Access to the SOL PORTAL web remotely.

Access to the SOL PORTAL is allowed via username and password wherever you are.

# Name File size Download
1. [RCGSOL NEO] Datasheet RCGSOL Neo EN 559 KB
2. [RCGSOL NEO] Scheda Tecnica RCGSOL Neo IT 326 KB