CryoLogger is versatile and easy to use device: thanks to its wall-mount placement it will be very intuitive to supervise dewars status, thanks to the 4.3" touch screen display, the status-related colour showed and the activation of integrated acoustic buzzer in case of pre-alarms and/or alarms.

With a single CryoLogger it is possible to monitor up to 4 devices temperatures (cryogenic vessel, refrigerators, etc.), according to the number of probes installed per each monitored device: the signals coming from the PT100/PT1000 probes arrive directly to the device through a plug&play connector; in case of a cryogenic vessel should be moved it can be temporarily disconnected, suspending the monitoring.

Thanks to 2 additional digital ON/OFF inputs it is possible to monitor and record the alarm status of further devices (e.g. refrigerators, incubators, etc.).

In addition to having local optical/acoustic signalling of the various alarms, it is also possible to remote control a generic alarm at the Customer's manned premises (e.g. porter's lodge) and also send SMS and/or e-mail alerts, via the SG Lab router, to the personnel indicated by the Customer.