CryoLogger is versatile and easy to use device: thanks to its placement on board dewar (cryogenic vessle) it will be very intuitive to supervise the dewar status, thanks to the 4.3" touch screen display, the status-related colour showed and the activation of integrated acoustic buzzer in case of pre-alarms and/or alarms.

The dewar temperature (expressed in °C) and the level of liquid nitrogen inside the dewar (expressed in %) can be easily and clearly monitored on the display at any time. If the control unit fails or one of the alarm thresholds is reached (e.g. low nitrogen level, high dewar temperature, etc.) this is immediately signalled by an optical/acoustic alarm from the control unit itself.

Thanks to the CryoLogger control unit, which can operate stand-alone or under the supervision of an SG Lab supervision and automation system, it will be possible to manage the liquid nitrogen self-filling of your cryogenic containers in complete autonomy and tranquillity, considering all the necessary safety aspects.

In addition to having local optical/acoustic signalling of the various alarms, it is also possible to remote control a generic alarm at the Customer's manned premises (e.g. porter's lodge) and also send SMS and/or e-mail alerts, via the SG Lab router, to the personnel indicated by the Customer.

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